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Florence Cityguide | Your Travel Guide to Florence - Sightseeings and Touristic Places

Florence is the capital of the beautiful and very popular Italian province of Tuscany. This place is situated on the banks of the River Arno. This city has given birth to the Renaissance style. Florence is a city of Michelangelo and Machiavelli, a precious place full of works of art, culture and history. The majority of palaces, churches, museums and historical buildings in Florence are made in the Renaissance style. For centuries this wonderful Italian city was ruled by the Medici family, famous as bankers. Many works of art that tourists will find in Florence appeared in the city because of them. The interest of the family to various visual arts, architecture, sculpture, and literature was simply enormous. At that time, Florence had the status of a city-state, and so its power and independence were truly great.

Nowadays, the population of the city is approximately 356,000 people. Florence is a unique and unforgettable city, a kind of a museum in the open air. This city is not the best choice for travellers who are searching for diversified nightlife. However, Florence would become the best choice if you want to feel the atmosphere of the past and the charm of a truly unique culture.

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