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Travel Guide Germany: Bonn – OrangeSmile.com

The German city of Bonn is associated with the birthplace of the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven for most tourists. Bonn is also famous for its museums, which are considered one of the best and most interesting in the world. This city will please you not only with delightful landscapes, but also with fascinating castles, historical monuments and other sights.

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Travel to Honolulu, Hawaii – OrangeSmile.com

Honolulu is not only golden sandy beaches, coral reefs, historical sights, fine cuisine and first-class infrastructure. It's also an amazing mixture of different customs and cultural traditions, ethnic groups and languages, as well as a special way of life.

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Bruges Tourist Attractions – OrangeSmile.com

Traveling in Bruges is an unforgettable experience for any traveler, because this is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the most popular place in Belgium. Here are medieval architecture and beautiful cobbled streets magically combine with impressive museums, breweries, cozy cafes, tasty eateries and charming hotels.