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Voyage to Maastricht, The Netherlands – OrangeSmile.com

A beautiful Dutch city of Maastricht, located near the German and Belgian borders, is one of the hidden precious places for tourists. The city has become a recognized cultural center with its university, conservatory, stunning architecture and a large number of various of Antiquities.

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Visit Azores – OrangeSmile.com

Especially for experienced travelers, we will tell you about a place where you can find solitude and peace. Azores attracts their guests thanks to the peace and tranquility, because the infrastructure of the tourism industry has not been much development here. It is hard to imagine a place better suited to nature lovers, fans of adventure sports, or anyone looking for a beacon of sustainability.

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Travel to Sao Paulo, Brazil – OrangeSmile.com

Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, which has become the main financial and commercial center of South America. Despite the fact that São Paulo is considered the city to work and for businesses, the city has absolutely all the conditions for recreation: the city is very rich in cultural monuments, museums, parks.

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Tourism in Granada, Spain – OrangeSmile.com

Granada is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The buildings of ancient architecture, history and tradition combined with the extraordinary natural beauty of the landscape attract thousands of tourists each year. In addition, Granada is a world-famous musical city. There are regularly held international festivals of dance and music, theater and jazz.