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Armenia Travel Information – OrangeSmile.com

If you are planning the next vacation or an unforgettable adventure, look closely at Armenia - is a tiny country, oft-forgotten by travelers due to its more popular neighbors - Turkey and Georgia. It’s an ancient and mystical land with very friendly and hospitable people and fantastic natural landscapes, and a country still unspoiled by the crowds of mass tourism.

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San Remo Holidays, Italian Riviera – OrangeSmile.com

San Remo is a sunny Mediterranean resort with a picturesque coastline, luxurious villas, hotels and gardens, steep narrow streets with 13th-century houses, an even more ancient 12th-century cathedral and the sanctuary of the Madonna della Costa.

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Egyptian Winter Weekend Trips with OrangeSmile.com

When you get tired of snow, cold and rain, which blight your cheer, winter becomes the worst season. There are still places where it is possible to enjoy a holiday, for example, in Egypt, where it's always sunny, warm and beautiful blue sea and sky all year round.

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Visit Colombo on a trip to Sri Lanka – OrangeSmile.com

Colombo is more than just a gateway to Sri Lanka and a transit point to the resort islands. Despite the noise and crowded bustle, this is a very interesting and diverse colorful city with a rich culture and fascinating history.


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