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Dominican Republic: Santo Domingo – OrangeSmile.com

Santo Domingo is an exotic tourist destination, a city that uniquely combines colonial-era architecture with modern business districts, luxurious restaurants, shopping centers and hot clubs. It is a noisy and vibrant metropolis and cultural and political center of the country, at the same time it is a cozy seaside resort with a laid-back, affable spirit.

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Azerbaijan travel – OrangeSmile.com

Can't decide where to go next? If you're an aficionado of ancient traditions, amazing nature, beautiful palaces and fortresses, walks on the sea coast, delicious cuisine, kind gentleness and wild strangeness, Azerbaijan will surely light your fire.

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Travel and tourism in Slovenia – OrangeSmile.com

Slovenia attracts enthusiasts of ecotourism and lovers of active recreation all year round all over the world. This is a really special place an exceptional diversity of landscape, friendly people, fine cuisine, sanatoria and resorts, tourist farms and the widest opportunities for all kinds of sports.

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