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Porto Vacations – OrangeSmile.com

The delightful, vibrant and eclectic Portuguese city of Porto has become one of the world's tourist centers. Colorful houses with tiled roofs, picturesque coastal restaurants, romantic medieval streets, the constant sea breeze and the seagull sound have for centuries attracted connoisseurs of calm and peaceful relaxation.

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City of Brussels, Belgium – OrangeSmile.com

Brussels is a magnificent and quaint Belgian city that has become a famous tourist destination. Aside from their innumerable tourist attractions, Brussels also has a lot to offer in terms of culture and entertainment.

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Milan Travel Information, Italy – OrangeSmile.com

Milan is an incredibly energetic Italian city known as a center for fashion, design, finance and football. Despite the modern metropolitan bustle, trendy bars, boutiques and busy thoroughfares mighty towers, here you will discover the rich history of the city and countless impressive churches and palaces.

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